Religious Emblems Coordinator

Every unit should have an adult leader designated as the Religious Emblems Coordinator (REC). This person should be a liaison between the unit and the Catholic Committee on Scouting and help promote Duty to God within the unit. For Girl Scout and Campfire USA, these awards are called Recognitions, so terminology should be adjusted accordingly.


RECs should also actively seek and invite adults to be counselors/facilitators/mentors for the various religious awards. Use position code REU when registering an adult with BSA so this person's name and contact information is searchable by your local BSA council.


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The Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting (DCCS) is a group of Catholic lay people and clergy who give guidance, vitality and leadership to the spiritual programs that are available for members of Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts USA and kindred scouting movements in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

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