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dutytogodpatch"Duty to God" is a phrase Scouting has strongly endorsed. These words reaffirm our commitment to the important precepts of Scouting - the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. The twelfth point of the Scout Law is, "A Scout is Reverent." As the Catholic Church continues to develop its apostolate to youth, it recognizes Scouting as an important part of Youth Ministry.

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting has created a unique patch to commemorate the "Duty of God" initiative. The patch is not only colorful, but also beautifully fully embroidered, showing symbols of our Catholic roots -crosier, cross, shield, youth ministry commitment intertwined with the Boy Scout logo and the "Duty to God" pledge. This patch is something every youth member and Scouter would be proud to wear as the patch proclaims their involvement with this program. There are countless ways to use this patch to promote "Scouting as Youth Ministry." Diocesan and Unit Committees are not restricted by any national rules and may present the patch for many reasons. The following are suggestions as to who might be ideal recipients and wearers of this patch:

  • Each youth starting on, working on, or completing a religious emblem.
  • Each youth and adult member of a Pope Paul VI unit.
  • Each youth and adult member completing a service project or attending a retreat event.
  • Each youth and adult member of a National Gold Medallion Winner or Regional Finalist.
  • Each youth participant in the St. George Trek.
  • Each person contacted to start a new unit such as clergy, laypeople, Knights of Columbus members, etc.
  • Each adult member completing a new phase of training.
  • Units present their own clergy, youth ministers, formation directors and others involved in youth ministry.
  • All religious emblems counselors and members of the Diocesan Committee.
There are many other possibilities of recipients, and they are limited only by your imagination. For more information, go to the National Catholic Committee on Scouting webpage.
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