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popepiusxii-colorThe Pope Pius XII Emblem is Catholic Scouting's church-related ministries and vocation program. The program deals with different life choices (single, married, religious, ordained), occupations and ministries in the church as calls from God. It includes youth led discussions on current issues facing the church and society, which are normally included as part of a Pius XII retreat or day of recollection. This award program requires a group of 4 - 12 Scouts or Venturers.

An adult counselor helps guide the students throughout the program. Training for adult moderators is held twice a year by the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting.

The Pope Pius XII Scout Manual #33076 is used by each participant and the Pope Pius XII Moderator's Guide #34733 by the adults working with the program. They are both available from any local Boy Scout shop or online at

The award package is ordered from the Catholic Committee on Scouting care of the Office for Youth and Young Adult Ministry and will be sent after successful completion of all requirements and passing a Pope Pius XII Board of Review.


Scouts who complete the Pope Pius XII are also entitled to wear the Religious Emblem Square Knot (silver knot on purple, item #5007) over the left pocket of the BSA uniform.


The Pope Pius XII emblem is traditionally presented at the Annual Scout Mass after successful completion of the program and certification by the parish.

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