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The "Light is Life" is a program developed by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS) for Boylightislife-color Scouts of the Eastern Catholic churches. Light is Life respects the cultural and ritual differences among the various Eastern Catholic Churches.

The overall goal of the Light is Life religious emblem program is to bring about in the Scout, through his Eastern Christian Scouting experience, a deeper awareness of his share in faith-life. Then going forth, he will witness this life through maturity in communal worship and in Christian formation of his world.

The method of presentation of each step is the learning concept basic to all Scouting learning experience. Each step has a 'guided discovery' through reading and questions; its 'teacher-learner' situation through discussion with the counselor; its 'application' through the projects; and its 'evaluation' by the Scout and his counselor and the Scout's discussion with his Scoutmaster of his progress.

The most important aspect of the program is that the Scout grows in his spiritual experience of his relationship to God and the church. All else is secondary.

Contact the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting for more information or to order the emblem.
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