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Adults who want to learn more about the religious recognitions and emblems programs or any of the religious activities available for Scouts in the Catholic Church are invited to contact the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting for details. There is no formal certification for this role.  Please browse these pages to learn more about the various religious awards available.


When a religious award is given to a Scout, the religious knot may be worn by itself on the uniform or with one of the devices to indicate the program phase where the award was earned. If a Scout earns a subsequent award represented by the same knot, the Scout should wear a device for each program phase where the knot was earned (you do not wear multiple issues of the same knot). In particular, a Scout that earns a sequence of religious emblems would wear ONE universal religious emblem knot and up to four devices, as described below.

• Wear the CUB SCOUT device for the first level emblem (Light of Christ, God & Me, etc.) earned as a Tiger Cub or Cub Scout; Cub Scout device #00926
• Wear the WEBELOS SCOUT device for the second level emblem (Parvuli Dei, God & Family, etc.) earned as a Cub Scout or Webelos Scout; Webelos device #00932
• Wear the BOY SCOUT device for the first level emblem (Ad Altare Dei, God & Church, etc.) earned as a Boy Scout; Boy Scout device #00927
• Wear the VENTURING device for the second level emblem (Pope Pius XII, God & Life, etc.) earned as an older Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Sea Scout, or Venturer. Venturing device #00930

Supply Item Description & Uniform Placement
Silver knot on purple background, for wear above left uniform pocket, purple border for youth and adults who earned a religious emblem while a youth member; devices available to denote the program for which the awards was earned (see below); purple knot on silver background, for adults, worn above left uniform pocket; adults may wear both knots if they have satisfied the criteria.

Where to Purchase Devices
The religious emblem is available for purchase through the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting. Go to the link for the religious awards order form on the main page.

The religious knot and devices should be stocked by your local Scout Shop or council trading post, along with all other advancement items. Items can also be found at http://www.scoutstuff.org


For information, contact Kyle Holtgrave at (217) 698-8500(217) 698-8500 x. 154.

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